Windows Mail

how to use our Outlook Express Stationery in Windows Mail


PLEASE NOTE: Our Outlook Express stationery also work in WINDOWS MAIL (Windows Vista e-mail)

  When wanting to use our Outlook Express Stationery in Windows Mail:

Start by creating a folder to store the stationery you wish to download - it 'My Stationery' and place the folder at your Desktop (or at another location if you prefer)

Choose the stationery you would like to use and left click on "OE / WM" and then Save

Save the zip file to the folder "My Stationery" you just made.

When finished downloading, go to "My Stationery" folder and open it.

Inside the folder you'll see the zip-file(s) you have downloaded

Now right click on the zip-file and choose Winzip (or WinRar or the built in function in Windows)

and then "Extract to..."

Locate your "My Stationery" folder and then "Extract"

Return to your "My Stationery" folder and you'll see the extracted files

Double click the Windows Mail file and it'll open in Windows Mail
and you are ready to use the stationery.



If still in doubt feel free to contact us here