Me & Mel !

This tutorial was made in PSP 8, but you should be
able to make it in earlier versions, too

You'll need.:

Filter Factory B and Pattern Gold1.jpg and mask tornedge

and an image, if you wish to use this one,
right-click and choose Save as...

1. Open the image you want to work on
Shift+D and close the original

 With Eye dropper choose 2contrasting colors, used here
Foreground: D6B151
Backgound: 8E7358

 Effects Plugins Filter Factory B James Bondage with these settings:

2. Effects Ilumination Effects Sunburst with these settings

Farve: #FBFABB

Layer New Raster layer

 3. Flood fill this layer with your foreground color and the on the layer layer
palette change opacity to app. 20 to give the image a warmer glow




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