Art (?!)

This tutorial was made in PSP 8, but you should be
able to make it in earlier versions, too

You'll need.:

NVR BorderMania

3 tubes, the ones used for this tutorial get them

and an image, if you wish to use this on,
right-click and choose Save as...

Open your image
Shift+D and close the original
Effects Texture Effects Fur using these settings:

Effects Texture Effects Mosaic Glass using these settings:

Image Rotate Rotate Clockwise 90

Open your picture tubes and copy then paste the first one
egyptiskdame.tub as a new layer on your image,
place it on the image by using Mover tool.

 Effects Artistic Effects Aged Newspapper, set to 75, then OK

on the layer layer
palette change opacity to app. 50

Place the next tube, the feather and then
 Image Rotate Rotate free  Right og free tallet er 35

 Select the feather tube layer, then Effects 3d Effects Drop shadow
with the following settings:

Repeat the Drop Shadow effect one more time

Place the next tube, fruityApricots.tub
rotate the tube if you wish

 Repeat the Drop Shadow effect twice

 Layers Merge Merge All (Flatten)

And now you've finished your artwork 


But, since you've made an artwork, why not frame it?!

 Using Dropper Tool pick out a dark color on your image

Then Image Add border
Color: #7E4E0B was used for this tutorial
Size:  20

In PSP 7, choose the color as your bacground color before adding the border

   Effects Plugins NVR BorderMania Frame #2 with these settings:


and you're done



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