Background tile only using PSP 4


This tutorial can be done in PSP 7 & PSP 8
PSYou'll need this background tile as pattern:

Right click and choose "save as.."

For PSP 7 you'll also need 20/20
get it


File --> New..        113 x 113 pixels

Flood fill with a very "strong" color

Layers --> New raster layer

Flood fill this new layer with the pattern you
downloaded at the start of this tutorial

Slide, as shown below down, the slider to a number where you are still able to see the structure on the tile, but also able to see your color shine through

In PSP 8:
Effects --> Image Effects  --> Seamless tilling with these settings

Save and name your background tile

In PSP 7:

Save and name your background tile

Open 20/20

File Open and find your background tile you just made

Image Seamless Tile and this will make your tile seamless

File Save


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