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how to use Outlook Express Stationery at


PLEASE NOTE: Our Outlook Express stationery also work in WINDOWS MAIL (Windows Vista e-mail)

  When wanting to use our Outlook Express Stationery:

Start by creating a folder to store the stationery you wish to download - e.g.name it 'My Stationery' and place the folder at your Desktop (or at another location if you prefer)

Choose the stationery you would like to use and left click and then Save

Save the zip file to the folder "My Stationery"

When finished downloading, go to "My Stationery" folder and open it.

Inside the folder you'll see the zip-file(s) you have downloaded

Now right click on the zip-file and choose Winzip (or WinRar or the built in function in Windows)

and then "Extract to..."

Locate your "My Stationery" folder and then "Extract"

Return to your "My Stationery" folder and you'll see the extracted files

Double click the Outlook Express eml file and it'll open in Outlook Express
and you are ready to use the stationery.




An update is now available that should make it possible to use Outlook Express Stationery as done in the past - before the former security update that caused eml stationery not to work as intended.

At about.email.com Heinz Tschabitscher explains how to install this new update, go to the page and look for: (click the image)

And follow the guidelines provided.


 We haven't been able to test this yet since the update is not yet available in our language. Install the the update at your own risk, hultshome.dk holds no responsibility in loss of data etc.




All of a sudden I am no longer able to use the .eml-files in my Outlook Express


Microsoft has sent out a new security update for Outlook Express and if this has been installed on your computer, the eml stationery files does no longer work as intended!

1 solution on how to still be able to use ours and your already saved .eml-files is to:

1. Open it as usual by clicking the .eml stationery files and have them opening in Outlook Express

2. Press 'Forward' on the toolbar as if you were to forward an incoming email to someone else.

3. Remove the date that appears in the email and then highlight *Your text here...* and then start writing your message and then send it as usual. Note that in the subject line there might be written 'fw:', you can safely removed that, too and then write your own Subject title.

Another solution is to remove the installed patch until Microsoft has corrected this problem, doing this you'll be able to use eml stationey files again as always.

To remove the patch, follow this guide:

How to remove patch



If still in doubt feel free to contact us here