How we use Sparkles / Glitters for textfill

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1. In Animation Shop open the sparkle or glitter
fill you would like to use for your text
File --> Open
and 3 frames will appear


2. Select all 3 frames (Ctrl+A on your keyboard)
rightclick and select Copy


3. Open Paint Shop Pro and right click on the grey backrground
and select as below

The paste option might look a little different in other versions of PSP


4. All 3 frames will now appear in Paint Shop Pro - PSP


5. On you Material Palette (hit F6 on your keyboard if not visible)
choose Pattern and then click on the Arrow



6. There you will see the 3 frames you brought into PSP earlier on,
select the first one


7. Open a new file in PSP - File --> New  - We used 300 px width
and 200 px height, the size needed depends on the lenght of the name
you want to fill. Select the Text Tool and the setting Vector


8.  Click on your new working space and in the Text Enter box
write your name and then click Apply


 9. The writting of the text have now created a Vector Layer on the
Layer Palette (hit F8 on your keyboard if not visible)


Part 2 >>>


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© - July 2005
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