Small Calendar & Clock



Get the Small Calendar & Clock for your own homepage !

Choose the Small Calendar & Clock you'd like to have on
your homepage and click on 'Download' underneath the picture. In the window that opens save the 2 images to
your own harddrive and then copy the code and place
it where you want the it to be on your homepage.
Upload your HTML document and the 2 images

* Download opens in popup *



Let us know whereto the
Calendar travels!
It could be fun to see where and how far the Calendar travels so we've made a list where you can add your link and banner
if you have the Calendar at your site
If you do not join the list, please leave at message in our Guestbook that you've used the Calendar. Thanks.

See the list here


It is not allowed in any way to alter the code, remove the link to, alter or replace the images! Nor offering these Clocks for others at your site.

If you have a special request contact us here
and we'll make graphics to suit your homepage and design







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