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Get this Calendar for your own homepage, all you'll need is the script, a small file and the graphic, then  upload it to your own site, the Calendar changes the dates and months automatically

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Save the picture below, right click
and "Save as..." so you'll have
it on your own computer

name it: hhdkcalendar.gif
if not already written in
the filename space

and then upload it to your server

 Note:Do NOT place the picture
on your page, just upload it 



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Download the

file by clicking at the image below

Once downloaded, unzip and upload
the file to your server

 Note:Do NOT place the file
on your page, just upload it 


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The code in the box below needs to be
placed on the page where you want to
have the Calendar, place the code at the place on that page where you want the Calendar to show

Select and copy the text in the textbox
and then select
'Paste' on the page where you
want to place the Calendar

Once the code have been placed, upload
the page and the Calendar will appear


If the page (html-document) where you want the Calendar is placed in a specific folder, the graphic and the downloaded js-file have to be placed in that folder, too.


Get the Calendar in the Danish version here


It is not allowed in any way to alter the code, remove the link to, alter or
replace the image!




In need of help
in getting the Calendar placed at your site ?

Click the letter-mouse
and tell us about it



Let us know whereto the
Calendar travels!
It could be fun to see where and how far the Calendar travels so we've made a list where you can add your link and banner
if you have the Calendar at your site
If you do not join the list, please leave at message in our Guestbook that you've used the Calendar. Thanks.

See the list here





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