Make Blinkies in Makers

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1. Using your mouse pull the blocks to 'Building Space'

2. continue doing this until you have enough blocks for your blinkie

3. Now pull letters into the blocks the same way as you did the blocks

4. Make several blinkie rows, you can change the colors of the blocks and letters,
you'll need a row for each frame in your animation, for example,
if you make a blinkie with 5 blocks and letters,
you'll have to make 5 rows in the building space.

5. When you are satified, hit  'Prt Scr' (next to F12)
a image of your screen will be captured

6. Open Paint Shop Pro, right click on the grey surface and choose:

7. Then your screen print will appear

8. 'Crop Tool'

9 . and "frame" your blinkie

9. Then doubleclick in the middle of the field you just marked
and you image will be of your blinkie row

10. If you're having trouble seeing your image, use 'Zoom Tool' make a few clikcs

11. On the Layer Palet right click

12. and then:

13. Now you're going to remove the white background with your 'Magic Wand'

14. Click on the white background and see "the ants" appear

15. Hit 'Delete' on your keyboard og så Ctrl+D, and the white will vanish

16. Right click on the blue line and then 'Copy':

17. Open 'Animation Shop' then right click and::

18. It'll look like this:

19. For each blinkie row repeat steps 5 to 16. When you have to placed the
next image in Animation Shop, then do the following:

20. Keep on doing it this way until all your blinkie rows are in Animation Shop

21. Then select all your frames by hitting Ctrl+A, rigth click and:

22. Write a number, the lower the number, the faster your animation will run,
the higher the number, the slower....

23. On 'View Animation' you're able to see your animation as you work.
It'll change each time you make something new, for instance, when you place a new
image or change Display time

24. When you are happy with the way your blinkie looks, choose File --> Save as..
and name your Blinkie!

Have fun!

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This tutorial was made using PSP8

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